Choosing and Storing Onions for Long Lasting

Choosing and Storing Onions for Long Lasting – Some of the articles we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, the following is an article that discusses choosing and storing Bombay onions so they can last a long time.

Onions are one of the ingredients that must be on the storage shelf. Because, almost all dishes require the role of onions. One type of onion that is most needed is an onion.

This golden round onion actually spoils very quickly if not stored properly. Likewise when buying it, you have to be careful. Here are some tips for selecting and storing onions so they last longer.

1. Choose an onion that doesn’t sprout

One of the easiest ways to see good quality onions is by sprouting them. If there are no shoots, it means the onions have good quality and can last a long time.

Onions with sprouts tend to be very young when harvested. It makes it rot faster when stored too. In addition, onions in this condition are not delicious when processed. The taste is not that good.

2. Make sure all contents are still hard

Also check the shape and condition of the onion skin. Choose onions with skin that is still smooth and shiny, that is a sign that they are still very fresh.

In addition, you can also squeeze the onions first. Don’t choose it if it feels soft, because that means it’s about to rot. Take the onion that is still hard and tough.

3. Avoid onions with peeled ends

If you see an onion with a peeled tip, it’s best not to choose it even though it still feels hard. Usually onions with such conditions cannot last long, aka they rot quickly.

Make sure the onions you choose with the skin are still fresh and perfect without any blemishes. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you want to choose, but make sure it is cooked immediately so you don’t waste it in vain, huh!

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4. Dry the onions first

After finishing shopping for the onions, don’t store them immediately. You have to dry the onions first. This does not mean that you have to dry it in the sun, just let it air out at room temperature for about an hour.

Just in case, you can also clean the skin first with a dry tissue. Only after that, store the onions in the storage rack.

5. Do not store in the refrigerator

Onions stored in the refrigerator will spoil more quickly. Because, the cold temperature makes the humidity of the onions high. In addition, the smell of onions themselves is very strong, which can make your refrigerator smell bad.

It’s best to store your onions in a cool, dry place, such as in a mesh bag or storage rack. This will allow the onions to air properly and make them much more durable.