5 Benefits About Black Onions

5 Benefits About Black Onions – Shallots and garlic are always two tubers that are mentioned when cooking typical Indonesian food. If you want to be creative in the kitchen, usually the chefs will ask for help from the onions to make a delicious taste. Then, where is the black onion? Just so you know, black onions have enormous benefits.

Black onion is actually included in the type of garlic. This species undergoes a curing process at a temperature of 60 – 80 degrees Celsius for approximately 40 days. This process causes a chemical reaction that changes the color, texture, aroma, and taste of the onions.
Nutritional Content of Black Onions

The preservation process is not without reason. This type has a nutritional content similar to garlic. However, the chemical reactions that occur also add to other substances that are useful for the body. Macronutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and fiber, are still stored in it.

Black onions contain high concentrations of antioxidants. The mailard reaction that occurs also makes black onions have polphenol, flavonoids, phenylalanine, isoleucine, and leucine. In addition, there are also nitrogen oxides, selenium, arginine, fructosil glutamate, and linoleoilglycerol.

This reaction also makes the onion chewy and tastes sweeter. When compared to garlic, the aroma of black onions is very mild.

Benefits of Black Garlic for Health

Most of the people of South Korea and Thailand have used black onions for thousands of years. The secret of black onion has also been well-known to mainland Europe and America in the past few decades. All the world knows is about health that can be taken. Here are the benefits that you can get when consuming them.

1. Prevent Cancer

Cancer cells are already in the human body. Everyone has the potential to contract the disease. However, you can prevent cell growth by eating lots of black onions.

Black onions are high in antioxidants to prevent cell damage and inhibit the growth of cancer cells. You can avoid the risk of lung, stomach, cervical, and several other cancers. In addition, black onions can also reduce the risk of leukemia.

2. Prevent Heart Disease

Black onions can also play a role in a healthy heart work. That way, the heart can still pump blood throughout the body properly. Some of the ingredients of black onions are also able to lower bad cholesterol levels which can clog blood flow.

3. Normalize blood pressure

Almost all types of onions have great properties for normalizing blood pressure, including black onions. This type has organosulfur which is able to dilate blood vessels to keep them smooth.

Eating black onions is also recommended for people with hypertension or people with high blood pressure. Blood pressure will gradually normalize when consumed regularly.

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4. Treating Inflammation

One of the advantages that black onions bring to your body is anti-inflammatory. These substances will reduce joint pain, muscle pain, and other inflammation that you may feel due to daily activities.
Black onions will prevent the release of cytokines that stimulate inflammation in the body. That way, no inflammatory response occurs in the body.

5. Prevent Allergies

Onions are also well-known for preventing allergies, both external and internal. Black onions also have properties to prevent allergic reactions, such as itching and red rashes. In addition, the chemicals carried by black onions are also able to activate macrophage cells, which are one of the body’s immune cells.