Some Tips for Storing Leeks to Keep Them Durable

Some Tips for Storing Leeks to Keep Them Durable – Leeks are one of the ingredients that are often used as a mixture of food. We must be able to store the leeks properly, so that the rest can still be used. So that it doesn’t rot quickly, here’s how to store chives so that they last longer.

1. Store in a plastic bag

The easiest way to store chives is in a plastic bag. After that, store in the lower refrigerator.

It’s best to make a hole in the plastic bag to retain moisture and prevent odors from spreading. That way, the leeks will not rot quickly and can last for about 10 days.

2. Store in a jar

You can also store chives in a jar. Before storing in the jar, you must first boil the green onions for 30 seconds.

After boiling, immediately transfer the leeks to the ice water. Drain the leeks until dry. Well, leeks can last for two to three months.

3. Store with water

One simple way to store chives is to use water. To do this, prepare a large glass filled with cold water, then add the leeks and place them at room temperature. This method can keep the chives fresh for up to two days.

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4. Store in the bottle

You can also use used bottles to store green onions. The trick, clean the bottle, then slice the leeks. After slicing them, dry them with a paper towel or clean cloth.
After that, put it in a clean bottle. Leeks can last up to three weeks.

5. Store in the freezer

Can also store in the freezer. Cut the roots and chop the leek stalks. After that, wash the leeks, then slice them.

After slicing, boil the leeks in boiling water and a pinch of salt for 30 seconds. Furthermore, you can store these leeks in the freezer. This method can make the leeks last up to three months.