Benefits of Garlic for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Garlic for Pregnant Women – As we know that white onions are usually used as a basic ingredient for cooking. But in fact it’s not only that, garlic has a lot of benefits contained in it, especially for pregnant women. Regardless of how it is processed in every dish, garlic can provide its own benefits for pregnant women. However, it is recommended that garlic is consumed in normal amounts, around two to four cloves in good condition. If you are curious about the benefits of garlic for pregnant women.

1. Lower cholesterol level and heart problems
Garlic is known to treat heart problems. Consuming garlic during pregnancy can lower the chances of heart complications. In addition, crushed or chopped garlic contains the compound allicin which can help balance cholesterol levels in the body.

2. Prevent cancer
Consuming garlic during pregnancy can prevent cancer, especially colon cancer. Eating garlic, onions, and leeks can also lower the risk of stomach and esophageal cancer.

3. Lowering the risk of infection
Pregnant women are susceptible to various diseases and infections. Foods that contain garlic can boost the immune system and help fight various diseases caused by infections such as coughs and colds that may come during pregnancy. Of course, this will help maintain the health of the baby in the womb too, Moms.

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4. Prevent fatigue
Given the burden of pregnant women getting heavier every day, making her body tired faster. Therefore, pregnant women need more energy intake. Well Moms, consuming garlic can relieve dizziness, vomiting sensation and prevent fatigue during pregnancy.

5. Lowers the risk of preeclampsia
Preeclampsia or high blood pressure is a potentially dangerous condition that affects nearly 1 in 10 pregnant women. Garlic reduces the risk of this condition and lowers the chances of high blood pressure and protein levels in the urine.

6. Prevent hair loss
Garlic contains high amounts of allicin which is a sulfur-based compound. It helps prevent hair loss and also encourages new hair growth in pregnant women.